Saturday, January 10, 2009

How long...?

Ever since I started getting home delivery from Safeway, our pantry has been overflowing. It's that "free delivery" if you order $150 worth and five of these items that gets me every time. And then there's the buy one, get one free. Anyway, I decided after my last delivery on December 24th that I would see how long we could get by living off the pantry, refrigerator and freezer before ordering again. Were it not for produce, I think we're good for a few weeks. Yesterday, I dug into the big bag of pinto beans that my Latina friend, Adela, brought me when she took care of me after my knee replacement surgery. That must have been five years ago...that bag of beans will last us a lifetime!

I cooked up two cups of beans with some Jimmy Dean Italian sausage, a diced up baseball sized yellow onion and some not quite shriveled carrots, canned tomatoes, fresh thyme and parsley left from that last delivery, and a bay leaf from Nancy Keltner's yard. Well, 2 cups of beans makes a lot of bean soup. We have bean soup to last us all weekend and perhaps then some.

We do love home delivery of groceries though. Ed doesn't mind stopping by in between deliveries to pick up some fresh produce, a loaf of bread, or a half gallon of milk. It's the big long lists of strange sounding names that he dislikes. And frankly, I'm often inspired by what is on sale or what I see when I'm browsing down the "aisles" on-line. Who knew, for instance, that Crisco now has a spray-on product that contains a mixture of oil and flour to prepare cake pans? Who knew that Kraft caramel now packages caramel chips? How easy those caramel chocolate brownie bars are now to make - no unwrapping of 50 Kraft caramels!

Our last delivery contained a prime rib roast ($26 worth) that I didn't order. It was the day before Christmas, so it was probably someone's Christmas dinner. I called Safeway customer service, thinking maybe the delivery person could come back for it, but they said, "Just enjoy it!" that they would just have to throw it away, that it could not be redelivered.

It doesn't happen often, but occasionally we are billed for something that wasn't delivered. Customer service is always most accommodating, giving credit on next order of more than the value of the item.

Friends gave us gift certificates for Schwan's Home Service for Christmas. I've never had anything of theirs, but do see their truck around town now and then. Jeanne says that they lived off of their meals when she was recuperating from her accident and subsequent surgeries, so she thought we might enjoy their service, too. She says their ice cream bars are favorites, but that they haven't had anything they didn't like. I need to continue bringing the freezer inventory down a bit before I order from Schwan, I think.

I'm able to sit here at this computer, browse with the help of Google, and find almost anything I want (or need). Some things arrive within a day from the time I order, including groceries from Safeway. Being agoraphobic wouldn't be a problem. How long, I wonder, could one stay within these four walls?