Monday, November 10, 2008

WE Accomplished a Lot Today

I read my e-mail, caught up on the news, finished a very cute slipper sock for Evelyn (I think - if they will fit her), watched a bit of TV, and had a glorious nap while Ed watched the first half of the 49'er's game. WE talked with the gardener and got the bedding plants WE bought yesterday in the ground this morning. WE went to Safeway and picked up some miscellaneous groceries that I had forgotten to order on-line last week.

Our house had been having low water pressure for the past several days and had feared we had a leak within the house after I had gotten affirmation from the City that they had had no water pressure problems reported. So WE had called Culligan to see if the timing of a new water softener tank installation had coincided with out problems. They said that the new tank had been installed about three weeks ago; our problem had only begun a week ago. So WE called The Plumbing Rx and they scurried right over. Sure 'nough, when the repairman bypassed the tank, the water pressure in the house was restored to full capacity. WE had been so pleasant with the Plumbing Doctor that he hadn't even charged us for the house call. WE called Culligan again and shortly thereafter, a new tank was installed and all is well in the Callaway household once again.

When Ed said tonight that WE accomplished a lot today, I noted that I hadn't done much of anything. Sardonically, he quipped, "The royal WE! Isn't that what WE always use?"

I must confess I do use the "royal WE" a lot, as in "We should get some milk today." "We need to..."

I watched the ending of the game - 49'er's lost in the end. But they played well. It was a good game. Fun to watch the new coach, who is so different from Nolan - animated and apoplectic at times. With his enthusiasm, he should get this team whipped into shape in no time. There's no royal WE goin' on there. He seems to be holding each and every team member responsible for their actions.